August 01, 2007

E-Voting System Flaws Continue: FL SoS

A report this month released to the public by the Secretary of State's office of the State of Florida found continued flaws in the leading optical-scan e-voting system used by that state. The flaws would allow vote tampering by poll workers, according to the report. beSpacific: Florida State Univ. Security Lab Report on Diebold Voting Machine Software

This study followed efforts to fix flaws identified in earlier years that some have linked to a commitment by management of such systems to "deliver" votes to certain political parties or candidates. Such commitment was revealed in the inadvertent disclosure of certain internal documents and later publication of those documents despite efforts to suppress the information. See, e.g. "E-Voting Issues at" (March 30, 2004) at and "Vanity Fair Floodlights E-Voting Politics" (March 13, 2004) at

Posted by dougsimpson at August 1, 2007 09:30 AM