Unintended Consequences http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/ Doug Simpson's weblog of research on the collision of law, networks and disruptive technologies. en-us 2008-04-16T19:26:09-05:00 Dartmouth Law Journal calling for papers http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000638.html The Dartmouth Law Journal (DLJ) is a scholarly law review published three times a year by undergraduate students under the auspices of the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College. They are now in their sixth year of publication and do a... Non-Profit Organizations dougsimpson 2008-04-16T19:26:09-05:00 Investor Firm Buys Rights to Rainforest http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000637.html OnEarth.org points us to a story at Mongabay.com, about the purchase of environmental services rights in a rainforest in South America by a private equity firm, Canopy Capital. "How can it be that Google's services are worth billions, but those... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-04-16T08:28:24-05:00 Munich Re: climate change one of mankind's greatest risks http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000636.html Munich Re has released its 2007 review of natural catastrophe experience and its announcement of a strategic re-direction to address climate change, which it describes as "one of the greatest risks facing mankind." It is especially valuable to remind U.S.... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-04-11T08:27:34-05:00 James Hansen: Practical Moves to Halt Climate Change http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000635.html James Hansen is one of the most respected scientists on the topic of climate change. His 1988 Congressional testimony (yes, 20 years ago) opened the policy agenda when he testified that he was 99% confident that the globe was warming... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-03-29T11:10:19-05:00 Study documents hotter, drier American West due to climate change. http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000634.html Temperature data from eleven western states over five years shows the Colorado River basin was 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit hotter than the historical average for the past century, more than twice the global average increase during the same period. This is... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-03-28T11:06:44-05:00 DOT quietly releases report showing impact of climate change on transport infrastructure http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000633.html Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on Transportation Systems and Infrastructure: Gulf Coast Study, analyzes how Gulf Coast roads and highways, transit services, oil and gas pipelines, freight handling ports, transcontinental railroad networks, waterway systems, and airports are likely to... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-03-25T20:45:22-05:00 "Is It Easy Being Green?: Sustainable Development and the Law" http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000632.html Notes on the 15th Gallivan Conference, "Is It Easy Being Green?: Sustainable Development and the Law," held at the University of Connecticut School of Law on February 29, 2008. (read more below the fold)... GHG dougsimpson 2008-03-01T10:46:13-05:00 NYT OpEd Warns about levee weaknesses http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000631.html In "There Will Be Floods," Alex Prud'homme warns of the crumbling, inadequate infrastructure that holds back rivers and estuaries across the U.S. Levees in Texas City protecting oil refining capacity; levees in the Sacramento River Valley protecting homes and farmland.... Disaster Prep and Response dougsimpson 2008-02-27T08:00:42-05:00 Green Collar Vets http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000630.html Green Collar Vets (www.greencollarvets.org) is looking for a few good veterans to link with green collar jobs. The non-profit was founded in 2007 by Jyl DeHaven, a real estate developer in Fort Worth, TX. Its goals are to foster a... Energy Independence dougsimpson 2008-02-26T13:21:55-05:00 Insurance Industry Response to Climate Change http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000629.html In an October 2007 report commissioned by Ceres, author Even Mills, Ph.D., of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, identified several hundred innovations to address climate change that have been implemented by insurance companies and brokers world-wide. These include insurance products... Climate Change dougsimpson 2008-02-22T14:26:44-05:00 How Green Is Your Candidate? http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000628.html Interviews and info on the presidential candidates' energy plans and environmental positions at Grist.org. DougSimpson.com/blog... Climate Change dougsimpson 2007-12-11T09:20:09-05:00 "Systematic effort to ... mislead ... about the dangers of global warming" http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000627.html The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has issued its report on a 16-month investigation into allegations of political interference by the current administration with climate change science. In a report released on December 10, 2007, the Committee concluded:... Political Science dougsimpson 2007-12-11T07:50:31-05:00 Kansan Comments on Bremby Coal Decision http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000626.html In an extended and annotated comment, "Thank You, Rod Bremby!" in Everyday Citizen, Lola Wheeler provides background and her perspective on the politics and policy behind the decision of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment to deny a permit... GHG dougsimpson 2007-10-24T07:50:22-05:00 Results of Electric Grid "Demand Response" in Heat Wave http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000625.html During the recent heat wave on the East Coast, heavy power users throttled back during peak times, in response to price incentives and an "intelligent network" for electrical power delivery. "Demand Response" takes the place of "spinning reserve" power sources... Energy Independence dougsimpson 2007-08-28T10:12:27-05:00 US Agency Data on Renewable Energy Consumption Gains http://www.dougsimpson.com/blog/archives/000624.html The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports statistics on the increased percentage of U.S. energy usage coming from renewable energy sources. The report includes data and analysis on the impact of ethanol subsidies upon the rising price of corn, as ethanol... Energy Independence dougsimpson 2007-08-22T11:08:39-05:00